MYZONE® activity belts are now available for purchase at Baila Comigo. There are 2 ways you may purchase the belts. See below for links and details. In addition, to connect to the monitor during class at Baila Comigo, a $5 Monthly Connection Subscription fee will be payable to Baila Comigo. You may save and pay $50 for a 12 Month Connection Subscription. Please note that anyone may purchase a belt and it can be used for any form of fitness even if you do not actively take classes at Baila Comigo. Also if you do not take classes at Baila Comigo then you do not need to pay for a Connection Subscription. Learn more about the belts by watching this video. 

MYZONE Activity Belt $90 (Best Price)

Please use link below to preorder your belt. Orders will be placed weekly by Baila Comigo and may be picked up at Baila Comigo once delivered. Please provide your contact information when placing your orders.

MYZONE Activity Belt $99.99 plus shipping

Please use link below to receive $50 exclusive Baila Comigo Discount code. Belt will be shipped to you directly.

MYZONE 1 Month Connection Subscription $5

MYZONE 12 Month Connection Subscription $50


Click link below and enter ANAFERRIS at checkout in Affiliate Discount Box to receive 10% off Zumbawear®.