A look back at our One Year Anniversary, March 16, 2014.  Enjoy the journey...

Baila Comigo Dance Fitness Studio

Baila Comigo Dance Fitness Studio is a fitness facility offering a variety of dance fitness and bootcamp group exercise classes designed to meet all your exercise needs. Classes are offered daily. 

Baila Comigo opened in March 2013 and is located at 2701 Boston Road in Wilbraham, MA.  The studio and this site is owned and operated by Ana Ferris, a licensed Zumba® Fitness Instructor since September of 2009 and a member of ZIN™, the elite Zumba Instructor Network™ since April of 2010. Her ZIN™ profile can be seen at http://anaferris.zumba.com/  She is also licensed to Tabata Bootcamp™ since February of 2015. She can be reached by email at anaferris@charter.net or by phone/text at (413)563-2455. 

Did you know?
Baila Comigo,  pronounced "Bye-la Coo-me-goo", is written in Portuguese and translates to "Dance with Me".   

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​Prepaid discounted classes and unlimited memberships are available. ​​See Rates and Memberships page for details.​

​​​Thank you for carrying in your shoes to help keep the floor free of debris.